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The Doug Roy Law Firm handles a full array of criminal cases involving matters such as those listed below. From his office in Birmingham AL, Mr. Roy represents clients throughout Alabama and in cases nationwide. Contact the law firm to schedule a consultation with an experienced and certified criminal defense attorney regarding your legal rights, your options and the most promising route to a fair and favorable outcome.

Criminal Cases We Handle If you have been charged, are under investigation or think you may be charged in the future, take steps to protect yourself. The stakes are high and could include significant prison time, fines, a criminal record, inability to work in your chosen field and restrictions on where you can live. It is important to find a legal advocate who will protect your rights and defend you against the criminal charges.

•Sex crimes: Including sexual assault, rape, prostitution, sex crimes against children, lewd acts, indecent exposure, federal sex crimes, failure to register as a sex offender and other charges

•Computer and white collar crimes: Including Internet fraud, online identity theft, investment fraud, credit card fraud, email fraud and other white collar and computer crimes

•Violent crimes: Including arson, homicide, carjacking, assault, domestic violence and armed robbery

•Drug crimes: Including federal and state drug crimes, drug possession, selling drugs, drug trafficking, kingpin/running a drug distribution network, drugs in a school zone, street drugs, designer drugs, prescription drugs and other drug-related charges

•Theft crimes: Including burglary, embezzlement, wire fraud, trafficking in stolen vehicles, and more

There is no time to waste when you are under investigation, have been arrested or have been charged with a serious criminal offense. Your future is at risk. Contact an experienced criminal lawyer to arrange a mutually convenient, confidential discussion of your legal issue. Mr. Roy serves clients throughout Alabama.