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At the Doug Roy Law Firm., we provide Legal Debt Resolution Services. That’s right, we provide legal advice to assist in determining your best options! Unlike non-attorney firm based companies, we will not force you into a one size fits all repayment plan if it is not your best option. We handle almost every aspect of debt resolution including debt settlement, tax settlement, Fair Debt Collection Practices Violations, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Litigation Defense, and Bankruptcy. Non lawyer debt companies cannot and will not provide legal advice. They will pigeon hole you into their area of expertise, convince you that is what you need, and likely charge you more than we will. And they aren’t even licensed attorneys! We will meet with you face to face and we will enter into a legal services agreement. You will have the ability to work directly with your attorney throughout the process. If something changes, call us, lets re-evaluate your facts and change course if we have to. We are here to help and protect your best interests.